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>> very cute. >> i love you. >> dana: so you could go to our facebook page. >> greg: what is wrong with you? >> dana: it's so cute. you can get that video and send it to people that you want to give a valentine to. >> bob: how many jess par references have we had? >> kimberly: i didn't make a video. i didn't have a picture. i went sledding in central park. not to be outdone by all the dads that were out there. so i got on the sled with little rodigity and my backside -- it's going really fast. i got all this cushion. it was so much fun. we had the best time. >> bob: did you wear makeup? >> kimberly: of course. full makeup on. >> eric: your phone is
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ringing. bob's phone is ringing. >> kimberly: did you do yours? >> eric: we don't have time. >> dana: you have 40 seconds. >> eric: that's okay. very quickly. this was last night. sting performing with bruno mars. supposed to be a bob marley tribute but you have to love sting. he's fantastic. loved the grammys last night. black keys, played it in the "a" block. kind of new band. love the grammys. >> dana: what about the other most wonder you recallful performance? dierks bentley. welcome to "red eye." i am greg gutfeld. let's go to tv's andy levy. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. toy guns, evil or super evil. the new york times wants to know.
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the fate of the union, is it strong? or more importantly the union of the snake, is it on the climb? this is cnn. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> what was your favorite grammy moment? >> i would say right around probably like 11:30 or so when the closing credits ran. >> very good. >> the levon helm thing i thought was very good. >> i don't care. >> chris brown losing to frank ocean was amazing. >> let's welcome our guests. go away. she knows top stocks like i know floral smokes. i wear one while nude finger painting. i am here with liiiiiiizzzzz mcdonald. and he is so funny he burps whoopi cushion. i like the sweater vest. and in malaysia, he is considered a jar. he is in the leg chair. my repulsive sidekick, bill
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schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was a dune buggy i would ride him with my shirt off. he is the editor of "the daily caller" and his latest is called" the lizard king." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> all right, has life been hell since shooting ubl? the navy seal who killed bin laden is living in obscurity and broke after leaving the military despite the fact he killed bin laden. he was interviewed by the former san francisco chronicle editor and komodo dragon victim for "esquire." the shooter to protect his identity retired after 16 years, four years short of a pension. he refuses to cash in on his fame due to the seal code of the quiet professional. in fear of terrorist reprisals he found his only employment option was more guns and
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overseas deployment as a security contractor, but he is done with that lifestyle. he recalls the day he killed the man responsible for 9-1-1. "i remember as i watched him breathe out the last part of air i thought, is this the best thing i have ever done or the worst thing i have ever done? ". it was the best. the editor seemed pleased by the piece. >> ever since he got the rogain his hair is coming back. hue can seal -- how can seal, the musician, be allowed to marry and divorce heidi cliewm, but -- heidi klum, but this seal be ignored and treated so poorly. >> it is really bad. the deal was he was apparently served 16 years and just shy
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of the 20 years, but the guy has scar tissue and tendonitis and blown disks and he doesn't get disability? the president said nobody -- the president has said you are not supposed to be leaving military service without any help whatsoever, and that's what is going on with him. >> it is a travis stey. travisty. when the congressman is done he gets his full pay, rete? >> yes. he gets the pension and the security. jimmy carter has security. >> you also get lap dances. >> of course, income. you get a special pass to these things. >> you know there is at least one desk jockey admiral who takes away his pension. he sits there and give it to this guy. >> it makes no sense. hospital we just give him -- you will only kill bin laden once every hundred years. so it is the bin laden rule. >> you get a mansion and a mod
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raw tee and $fest million. go away. >> was there not a $10 million reward? >> $25. why can't he get a piece of that? >> theoretically if he had quit the seals like 10 minutes of about and then shot bin laden he would have been eligible, but you are not eligible if you are in the military. >> unacceptable. i was in the navy, old navy. >> i heard incredibly brave stories of your folding. >> folding with valor, they call it. >> and there were times you didn't know what was in that dressing room, but you heard sounds and you kicked the door in. >> i was the first one in. >> and there were no sounds and it was just this poor, shirtless man and you ended up being in the wrong. >> i was terminated. >> you know the one thing we will never get to the bottom of is why you drilled those holes in those rooms. you said it was for surveillance. >> i was doing a little field
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work there. >> bill, you are the first and only subscriber to esquire. could this be the first article that people read from this magazine? >> i stole it from my barber shop. i don't know he knows he subscribes anymore. if we were to get the pension he would make just as much as the navy choir or the navy singers. i know they sing more than most people at 6:00 every morning. but that is a travisty. there should be a pecking order what you can make after you serve your time. they are not in harm's way like this guy. and why hasn't he just not got a book deal? the only difference is he didn't kill osama and we know his name which is f-ed up. if he can make millions off that, he can do it too. something is not right.
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he doesn't have to use his name. he can make money. >> isn't rushti still in hiding? >> if hacking out with supermodels in the meat packing district, then yes. >> that guy got more sex mileage out of that fot-wa. he left his wife and hooks up with every hot chick in new york city. >> his only protection is a strict doorman. >> and a condom. >> the irony was cat stevens called for his death apparently which i thought was funny. he would ride into town on a peace train and stab him to death. >> i have two solutions for this. katherine bigelow should have him accept the offer and he can do it in disguise. he can do it dressed as a fat person. there is a show called talk here in england where they
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have a guy who is testing automobiles. why doesn't he have his own show? it is a reality show about being -- what do you call it when you go to witness relocation? >> you can wear the same mask as the mu jigs. >> there was a magician that gave it away. >> you know who hates him? magicians. >> i love how the seal saw the movie "zero dark 30" and said it was too long. there were mistakes in the movie. >> it was really long. i judge a movie's length by the numbness of my butt. >> how is the movie doing? did he move back in? >> he can start an escort service because he delivered 70 virgins to a tall, hairy guy. >> from a seal to not real. should we shun the toy gun? on free day, a day of the
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week -- on friday, a day of the week, they talk about the mere existence of toy guns and how they make things oh so difficult for parents. one stressed out mom doesn't know what she is going to do. another said she won't let her kids have water guns because it is dangerous to separate the guns from what they actually do which is kill things. she believes playing with toy guns makes it easier to shoot the real guns. that's the same argument made by anti-toy gun groups which sponsors toy exchange programs will kids can get awful toys like hula hoops. here is their latest.
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>> i can see that causing some problems. you can't spell nerf without er. maybe they have a p oi nt. >> this is my favorite new york times story. when you read it, the two people quoted in it, one is a new york-based play write and the other is a new york-based writer. that's my idea of the perfect story. this must be indisik tiff of large -- indicative of larger trends. >> i worked as an editor in women's magazines and this is what they would do. we need to inned foo 10 secrets men won't tell women. and they always go, jessica, a freelance writer, amy, a freelance art director. do you realize they talk to everybody on there staff? that's what they do. they don't talk to anybody. >> all of the quotes were about you. >> my boss keeps touching me.
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>> my co-worker keeps touching me. >> he is dating the mail guy and me? >> scandal. >> do you think toys lead you to an unhealthy fascination with weaponry? >> they shot branches and tree limbs. they will always play with things that -- we had sling shots and bb guns. i think if the mother wants to give up water guns in the house she should have to give up her salad shooter. people have lost eyes by getting a carrot in the cornea. >> i loved wrist rockets and that was worse than a gun. elizabeth, you had an interesting childhood. >> yes, i did. i had a classic 1965 agent m0, 0m and that is it right there.
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it was a toy gun a teacher took from me. when you take a picture the bottom drops out and turns into a luger. i was so upset a teacher took this from me and then i found it and i have it by my bed and have i my toy gun. these nuns and teachers must be making a killing on ebay after taking the toy guns and then putting them up on ebay. >> that's what the teachers are doing now. that's exactly what they are doing. >> did they take pictures ? >> no, but it was the will couldest thing. this makes me so happy. and then i am thinking about this article and i can tell chicks weighed this on it because when do boys make guns out of cheese? they will use sticks. do boys make guns out of cheese? >> it could be a french kid. bill, your parents let you play with toy heroin and toy
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cocaine. did it lead you down a particular path? >> oh we found some heroin. what are we going to do with it? >> any of the toy guns i had, you could easily rob a bank with. >> it was a gun, but it didn't have bullets in it. it is different now, but even -- to paraphrase "jurassic park" they will find a way. they will find a way, so it doesn't matter what you do or what you take away from it, kids love projectiles. even if -- >> even if -- i made a list of the things i mentioned in the exchange program and getting hula hoops, what do hula hoops do? they lead young girls to a life of striping because what you are doing is teaching girls to gyrate.
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you are gyrating and then there are people down the street going oh look at marianne joy rating. -- >> rating. here is a dollar. next thing you know she is at the boo boo lounge off highway 12 turning tricks for bill's meth habit. >> monopoly and the game candy land. >> duck duck goose discrimination. >> the wall street greedy banker. >> musical chairs. >> the game of sorry. overly apologetic. >> animal abuse. >> exactly. kerplunk, problems with your digestive system. >> mousetrap animal hater. >> patty cake, patty cake, pro
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patties and cake. >> operation. animal mutilation. >> killing bin laden. >> my little pony, aryan youth? >> that is bestiality, at least in my family. do we have time for this one? from pistols to popularity, we love ya despite libya. that's the message to hillary clinton. reports that the former secretary of state is america's most popular politician. it obama, bynum and john gibson. let's go live to capitol hill.
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>> i was assuming that was an unsolicited video. we are all broken up by that. i am extremely troubled. tom, what do you make of this? are you surprised? she is a delight. she is a delightful person. >> women love her because she is a strong educated woman and she takes you back. >> how much does the favorable press help her? nobody asks tough questions. >> she has had a free pass her whole career. except when she ran against obama, of course. but she is the most popular politician in the country, but she is no longer a
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politician. she doesn't have to debate. she does president have to take the top policy [stances|instances] and this terms of debating other people she gets to travel the world. it is a tough job. but what has she done that is the remarkable thing? >> i can't think of a single thing. i went through the list. if you look at the middle east and if you look at iran from three years ago and syria, none of this stuff. there were no great achievements. liz, do you think they could maintain this glowing view until 2016? >> no. i think she is a nonobama person. that's what is going on. they are thinking, hey, what would the country have been like if hillary won? >> i don't think that's the case. now they are looking at -- it is another four years.
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they are either dead or old. and so the only people who know her are people going she seems like a nice person. the older you get the more respected you get. she was a horrible trader. you -- care to learn anything from it? >> it shows how by polar conservatives are. it is persona-nongrata. >> and now they love her. look at sarah palin. three years ago, bell of the ball. now somebody says mama grizzly , it is empty aside from her. i don't know any conservatives that fall over hillary.
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>> i don't think they call her a secret muslim. >> coming up, what are the keys to a successful investment strategy? liz mcdonald discusses her new book and stock ideas from captain snapy. will the state of the union have secret code phrases that will destroy the great eats monument? greatest monument? no.
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well, will obama change his tonion in tuesday's state of the union? politico will change the gop rather than emphasize working together. when asked how the address would compare to previous ones, a source close replied with a, quote, build your opponent a golden bridge to
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retreat across. i believe tom arnold said that, but it was a shower and not a bridge. what well bam talk about, mostly things and stuff. they will call for cutting america's nukes and more pollution control. they haven't started filming. the first one is really a time for more drama? >> now is the time. >> now is the i'm too. >> now is the time to act. >> now is the time. >> the time has come. >> wow. that was some unusual editing by our drunken producers. do we expect the president to layout a plan borrowing influences from his home country of kenya? >> of course. if it was from the speeches of the past few years they are remarkable and it is the best
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speech ever given. it is always an improvement and a week later nobody will remember a single line from it. >> it is amazing. it is like i am trying to think of the type of film. i never remember anything from a james bond film. it always blends into the preif preif -- into the previous james bonds films. >> i can't tell you what has gone on in any of them. >> it takes you 20 minutes to come to after he takes his sheeter off. >> that is true. that is true. >> build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across. maybe when daisy fuentas said that it meant something, but what does it mean now? >> i am flabbergasted you would compare 007 to obama. i am lost there. i cannot wait to see the state of the union. it is a standing ovation every 10 seconds because they do that every sill law balance. sill labelle. less nukes which is perfect because iran is getting them.
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the gas is through the roof and he will talk about the goal. i love the environment and drive an electric car because i am a golfer. >> liz, obama won the election so he can be a little aggressive. why not? that's what you can do. is there a risk of becoming too partisan? >> i think they should get rid of the state of the union address. i think it is a fake thing and a distraction. we live for a -- we lived for a century from 1801 -- andy can correct me, 1801 to 1913 and the president wrote a letter to congress. and then it hit truman. truman televised it and lbj put it on nighttime television. it is a waste of time and a distraction. we don't need it. it is like make work. it makes the president seem like he is doing something and he is getting things done when he is just talking again. he is on another national
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conversation. it makes them feel they are getting things accomplished when they are not. >> i will say when michael douglas did it in "american president" i got chills. >> that's because you had tb. you had a number of illnesses. >> it got me through it. i watched it on a loop. >> i was going to ask you which best buy you were going to stand by. >> i have been looking around. >> are you thinking blockbuster. >> it turns out best buys are too far away to walk. it is two blocks. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing anything magical, sickening, horrifying? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy.
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i hate him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by vcr's. the device that can record and play through a standard television receiver. thanks, vcr.
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we are back. let's go to andy levy. >> how are you doing? >> doing fantastic. >> every time you ask that my heart sores a little more.
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>> that's why i do it. i have decided, you know what, it doesn't take much effort to lie and say i care. >> that's all i ask. that's all i have ever asked. >> first of all, greg, pretty sure bin laden was responsible for 9/11 and not 9-1-1. >> are you sure? >> i am fairly certain. i seem to remember the song 9-1-1 is a joke by public enemy which talked about that thing being a joke. >> that we talked about. >> any other words you want to randomly throw out there? >> cats and trees. >> okay. >> you can't understand why the shooter doesn't get disability. the issue here is waiting for the v.a. to process his claim. he will, i would think, eventually get this ability. >> that's a good poit. uh -- according to the center
12:33 am
for investigative reporting the average wait time for a v.a. claim is 273 days. that's unacceptable. >> that's way long. >> and in a lot of cities depending on where you file your claim, it is over a year. houston, 350 days average wait time. new york 412. oakland 427. los angeles is 506 days to process your claim. >> a lot of days, andy. >> it is a lot of days. it is shameful. >> you are shameful. >> not something to joke about, greg. >> i am not kidding. i don't like you. go ahead. >> it is true. >> tom, you asked why the shooter isn't eligible for the reward money. greg, you brought up something about it if he had quit the seal -- >> so he said if he had actually killed bin laden while not being in the military, would he have been eligible? that's the irony of it. he was doing his job and that's why he couldn't get the money. that's the p so int i was --
12:34 am
that's the point i was making. >> the other was he wouldn't have been there if he hadn't been in the military. >> when he got there he immediately goes, i quit and then he kills bin laden and then he is eligible. >> i don't think that would have worked. >> it wouldn't have worked. we can fan tau size. >> if we have learned anything, boeing says a lot of things. >> i am letting that one breathe. >> i love bowling. >> bowling for dollars? >> bill, you brought up the pension that the shooter isn't eligible for because he didn't serve 20 years. you pointed out if he had been eligible his pension would have been the same as somebody in the navy. you said there should be a pecking order in terms of how much you get. >> yes. >> there is. it is called rank. >> but then why would he say he will make the same? >> as somebody as a similar rank in the navy choir. >> you can be a navy seal, but not do the navy seal duties and choose to be in the choir.
12:35 am
i president do follow that. i don't follow that. >> what we are saying is an admiral's pension would be higher than a seaman first class would be. it depends what rank you muster out at. >> you say a lot of things. >> trying to resist a pun. >> i was trying to think of a different rank. as a former army guy i don't noah lot of army ranks. >> andrew. come on. they are all in the same game. >> you should have katherine bigelow accept the oscar. moot point since it is not going to win. >> at this point it is all argo. >> i am not into those pixar films. >> we have to talk about this. one of the biggest claims in the article is that the shooter doesn't have health care. just before we started taping, stars and stripes pointed out that like every combat warrior
12:36 am
they are eligible for five years of health care through the v.a. automatically eligible for five. he is going to end up with -- he has enough service that he will be take incare of. taken care of. >> because he didn't do his 20 his family is screwed. >> oh god, that's awful. >> the biggest problem is the stars and stripes, they contracted bronstein, he stands by the story and says it is fair because the seal didn't know he was supposed to have these benefits. >> that doesn't make sense. >> i don't think bronstein has a toe to stand on. >> how come? did he lose it? >> greg, did you want to explain it? >> he was bitten by a komodo dragon at the zoo and he might have lost a toe. >> this is sharon stone's ex?
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>> i believe it was sharon stone's ex. he was doing great. that's a great story. the only piece that anybody has read in "esquire" in the last 10 years. >> it is just too bad there are falsehoods in it. are toy guns a problem? if a mom doesn't want her kids to have water guns she should give up her salad shooter because many people are injured by those. i don't believe you have evidence to back that up. >> i had a carrot go in and it is a hard way to lose your vision, and it was horrible. >> no wonder you are wall-eyed. >> wall-eyed? >> i was a little con us food about the camera gun you have. >> why? >> you said it wasn't a camera. >> it is a camera. >> oh it is a camera, a working camera? >> no. >> is it a working gun? >> it is a toy camera and a toy gun all in one. >> it is two fake thicks --
12:38 am
two fake things in one? >> now i understand. >> the creepest part is it is a luger. >> actually you can shoot people with it and then film troy yum of of the -- triumph of the world. >> i can shoot him in the eye. >> apparent looy he is taking care of -- apparently he is taking care of that. hillary is not the most liked politician. you said go bloody noses i think you said? >> yes. >> bobcats. >> it should be the fighting posters. >> that would be good. >> you have a bobcat there. what is that? a bloody nose. >> you cay s asked -- you asked what hillary has done as secretary of state and leaving what legacy?
12:39 am
jay she has traveled a lot. -- >> that has traveled a lot and that is good for her job. she comes across as the president being slightly aloof. >> we are setting the barlow these days. bill, you said republicans love hillary. well, thient 1% of democrats have a favorable opinion, only 27% of republicans do. i rate your statement as false, stupid, dumb. >> 27% of republicans like somebody that is a democrat. that is the highest number for any official. >> it is possible, but it is false, dumb, stupid and ig authorize rant. >> you are false, dumb, stupid and ignorant. >> that is true, but your statements about hillary is false, dumb, stupid and ignore ignore -- ignorant. >> i would rather that than
12:40 am
exuding your ignorance. >> agree to agree. lastly on the state of the union, will, i am with you. these things are incredibly boring and instantly forgotten. how do you think rubio will do? >> we are going to see. we will see if they have the bobly gindel moment. has he worked as a launching pad? >> it did for polk. >> polk is the one that died from pneumonia right after. >> that was harrison. >> polk stole the west coast from the mexicans. >> i don't like to use the word steal. >> i don't like to use the word polk. >> which rubio? you weren't specific which rubio would be responding. >> stephon. >> i was not sure if it was paulina rubio who is an amazing performer.
12:41 am
terrific body. have you seen her? she used to dance in a cage. >> her abs have abs. >> she brings the hula back to the hoop. i don't know what i am saying. that's a giant hand compared to his shoulder. take another look at that. >> wow. >> that's not his hand. >> coming up, what is the best way to get human blood stains out of your car mats? he seemed in a panic. i am worried about him. first, a recap of the grammies? yes, a recap of the grammies. screw you, guy who didn't want a recap of the grammies.
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can love between whales involve two males? well, wildlife experts have been accused of ignoring gay animals in his bbc documentary. this critic sex homosexuality is in pretty much every species, a fact that attenburrow refuses to acknowledge. they claim that attenburrow describes male chimps hugging as friendly affection. they are circling each other as aggressive. these programs are highly regarded and educational, but they should be offering different interpretations of animal behavior. i say these to the police officers every friday night. it is an alternative behavior. can i have my pants back? discuss. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndddd.
12:46 am
lightning round. >> liz, does this bother you that they are ignoring the gay animal kingdom or gak as i would like to call them? >> gak? >> we now have a lobby for gak. >> have i read about this in the past and the museum of natural history say it. but what i want to know is there is a complaint that he should have regarded -- he should have regarded the sand pipers circling each other. how do they know birds are hitting on each other? i don't get that. >> they have colored hand -- handkerchiefs? >> they love cockatu's too. >> so far he is sigh lept on the matter and is that an admission of guilt or should he resign from whatever he does as a job? >> probably.
12:47 am
my favorite part is i don't care about it either way. the idea of david attenburrow having to add the disclaimer or possibly they are just gay. it is a dominance and perhaps they are just>> or perhaps theyt gay. >> that would offend this guy going, okay, so now everything is gay if they are just hanging around each other? that is a stereo type. >> screw you, will. >> or perhaps they are just gay. >> as he circles the table. >> do you think they should reed bit the program? >> last time i checked humans are animals. there are gay human beings. will he ignore elton john for example? >> there are going to be a lot of animals coming out of their
12:48 am
cage soon and being recognized. >> it will be the world's greatest parade, bill. gay animal parade. >> it is going to be awesome. i for one am not a fan of parades, but gay animal parade, i will. what is the guy with the thing that comes out and goes like this? >> the grand marshall. >> first i was thinking he was ignoring this because he is trying to protest too much and he is super straight but he doesn't have to. he would wear the same thing every episode because he said that is the way to help the editors. no self-reporting gay would ever wear the same thing. >> perhaps he is not gay. >> according to nasa, a 130,000 ton asteroid is expected to narrowly hit missing earth this friday. the
12:49 am
science dude and wondered if global warming had anything to do with it. >> our science guy, talk about something else falling from the sky, and that is an asteroid. what is coming our way? is this because of global warming or some occasion? >> it is the word meteorology and the word meteor come from the same root. >> oh like you know. >> how do we know global warming isn't at fault? >> come on, deborah. she is a space cadet. maybe she was searching for words. >> you know i think we should blame bush or cheney or alec baldwin. >> i like all of them, actually. >> we bought this so much now.
12:50 am
now it just comes right off the lips. we blame everything so this makes sense. >> it is like how you know somebody is uninterruptiing. they start talking -- uninteresting. they start talking about the weather and now everybody adds their two cents. must be global warming or so much for global warning. >> it is like i am going to add this boring thing, this observation that makes it more dull. >> i am calling for a more for yum tonight -- for a moritorium. >> i will back that up and then forget about it and do it all over again. >> people say that you are to blame for the asteroids and they were sent to earth to kill you. >> you miss heard it. it is not asteroids. >> it was a gaf. she wasn't saying the asteroid had anything to do. she failed miserably. god forbid the same people this bothers heard her say
12:51 am
asteroid and dinasaur. they would say, no, no. there is no asteroid that killed dinosaur. everyone knows adam and eve was at the same time. they slimed down at the end of work and yelled out wilma. it is written. >> that is a great showment we will talk about something. autographed copy. check out g
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>> the grammy awards were last night and included some memorable performances depending on when you fell asleep. taylor swift and justin bieber lake -- justin bieber lake! they took the stage at the same time. other highlights included prince, waking up long enough from his nap to present an award and katy perry in the greatest dress ever. award including one for the best cory feldman look alike. >> what did you make of the band fun with the rain pouring down? >> i thought the guy looked like an anorexic mark wallburg. and the fact they kept shooting to the audience where his girlfriend from "girls" was getting tire so many. tom, are musical performances ever fun to watch on tv?
12:56 am
>> no, not unless you have an incredible sound system which i do not. >> i love watching the grammies which is why i moved to a nursing home and bought binoculars. i don't even know who they are and i don't care to know more. >> it is what you put on your omelettes so they don't stick to the pan. will, did mumford and sons bother you as much as they bothered me? they are a folk band from ireland, i believe. >> mr. gutfeld, i am 25. i don't know much about these grammies. i saw the chris brown, and it is nice to see him get beat in public. >> any plans to call sailor swift now that she is single again? >> you miss read that. i recall the guy on "one direction" and i'm assuming that's the reason whyment i didn't watch the grammies because thisy are horrible.
12:57 am
the level of awkward repulsive and the sex scenes they have gone to, i wish i watched the grammies. >> it was wild between her and patrick wilson. it is the reverse of the super bowl ad with the big chick. >> it was kind of like i like this show, but i can't see all of these naked people. >> the show will do a service. if you are sad you are single on valentine's day watch that show. you will be happier than a monk you are sell -- celebat.
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on 2/12/2013